Our Story

The Local Patio story starts where any good story might, on a dock overlooking a pond in rural Georgia. That's where our vintage Bunting® glider that started this whole thing sat. We wondered why no one made them anymore. When the pond was sold, we brought that vintage metal glider home. It was rusty, but still sound after sitting unprotected on that dock for 50+ years. We started dreaming about creating a company that could manufacture the retro glider again. We found ourselves driving by porches with gliders that weren't on the way home. That high quality, amazingly engineered, beautifully designed American icon simply would not leave us. Shortly thereafter, Local Patio was born.

The Original Glider

Now, local patio is a real company and our first product is the original glider rocker. Our goal is to produce high quality, beautifully designed, made in America vintage metal furniture, accessories and tools that will last a lifetime and look right at home, literally, anywhere.

a deal as smooth
as the glider!

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Meticulously based on the original Bunting® glider drawings, Local Patio is pleased to introduce the rebirth of an American icon. Our 3 seat vintage metal glider is at home on the patio, the fishing dock or your Manhattan loft. Powder coated steel will last a lifetime, no matter where it sits and you’ll be part of the first production run of a new American classic.